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This story is about Viviann who is a lifestyle and a travel enthusiast and a big dog lover. She is a proud Dog Mom to Boba and lives in Greater Toronto Area. We are so honoured to chat with Viviann about her dog parenting journey on occasion of Mother’s Day this weekend.

Woof First: Tell us about Boba! And how did you meet?

Viviaan: Boba is a Shih Tzu Poodle mix and is very intelligent (so says the vet and most people). He is 5 months now and loves to push his butt at us and sit on our feet. We heard it might be a sign of him trying to mark us.

It all happened so fast! We saw Boba on Facetime and decided to bring him very next day Boba is a quarantine pup, and picking him up felt very transactional, but who wouldn't instantly fall in love with an 8 weeks old puppy? It was a 2 hours car ride home, and he slept most of the time on my lap. I was worried he'd pee on me, but he held it in all the way until we got home.

Woof First: Tell us about Boba's personality?

Viviann: Boba is an extremely curious dog and is constantly exploring, whether he is home or outside. He will chew almost anything he can get his mouth on, so we really need to keep an eye on him. He's independent and hates being confined or restricted. Boba loves all humans but is less interested in other dogs. Boba has only one facial expression, so he shows us how he feels through his sounds and actions. And like most dogs, he loves belly rubs and food.

Shitzu Dog Sitting on a lawn wearing woof first

Featuring Boba in his Woof First Sweet Melon Harness  and matching Leash

Woof First: Tell us about your dog mom journey?

Viviann: Boba isn't an easy puppy. In the first few months, he bit us a lot and we often had little nicks and scars on our feet and hands. That is improving now, but he still explores with his mouth a little too much. But right off the bat, he picked up tricks a lot faster than I was expecting. In the first week and a bit, I think he already learned to sit, down, and paw.  I must admit, I was a stressed-out dog mom at first because I was afraid, I wasn't being the best trainer and owner. As someone that likes to be prepared, I didn't have time to fully educate myself before getting Boba. I also blamed myself whenever he did something bad or was not learning. But after he was fully potty trained, a lot of the stress went away, and I see improvements in his training everyday.

One of my favourite things to do is to put him in my bike basket and take him to walk on a street that often has other dogs he can meet.

You can find more about Viviann and Boba's journey on her instagram @vivistraveldiaries

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